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Vincent - Stany

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The first full-length album by Vincent - a singer, pianist, and producer based in Gdańsk, Poland. The album is a collection of personal stories and emotions related to them described by separate compositions.

We go back on the timeline of the artist's life and enter an intimate world depicting his life states, mainly regarding the soul and the most important being inside: 'I'. Vincent opens up to the listener, presenting the history of the album „Stany” (eng. „States”) from the darkest to the noblest. In the case of the former, reality is intertwined with dreams, day with night, the lost protagonist is looking for an expression of his misfortune and asks for further directions.

The change comes halfway through listening to the album, the awaited brightening occurs, there is a feeling along with the hope for better well-being, and the songs have more and more positive overtones until they transform into a completely bright and sublime state of mind.

The carefully built sound layer illustrates the emotions that Vincent sings about. Musically, from the beginning of the album, it is accompanied by a stuffy, heavy, and mysterious mood, which is reflected in extensive choral parts, vibrating sounds of guitars, and rhythmically maneuvering synthesizers. However, right after Interlude: „Tabu” the mood definitely calms down and gradually brightens up. This is a much more minimalistic, breathable part. The basis of the mood here is the sounds of the piano and electronics in a more delicate version - reflecting the lightness and long-awaited joy of life.


“The idea of creating the album was born when I realized that I wanted to face my experiences from the past. One of them was the deep depression I experienced over the last few years, which I vividly remember. I felt that I needed to cleanse myself of what had happened to me and tell my story about the road I had traveled. Melodies and lyrics were created that reflect these states.”

- Vincent



[1] Prolog
[2] Tabu 
[3] Sam
[4] Żarty
[5] Staram się
[6] Interludium: Tabu
[7] Bliskość
[8] Ulotne
[9] Więcej
[10] Hymnus

Music: Vincent
Lyrics: Karola Arczewska
Production: Maciej Milewski, Maciej Kuc, Marcin Wincenciak
Production and mix [7]: Leon Krześniak
Mix and mastering: Maciej Milewski
Guests: Joanna Bieńkowska - Violin
Anna Prusińska - Viola
Maria Szagżdowicz - Cello
Photos and artwork: Natalia Klimza 

Catalog no: SRR025
Released by Seagull Ross

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Vincent - Vincent
Vincent - Vincent
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