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keatsu - Struggles

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"The struggle" has accompanied keatsu since 2018, when he felt a strong need to create his own music. Despite his lack of musical background and his simultaneous corporate job, his passion for what he does continues to grow.

"For me, "Struggles" is a collection of feelings and memories. It's about facing my weaknesses, discovering my vulnerability in myself, and having an open conversation with my inner child. The emotions I had when I was young have only now found an outlet in the form of this album."
- keatsu

Lyrics and music for the album were created over two years, and there were more than a dozen versions of all the songs. The self-ironic "Clown"; the grotesque, touching on his addiction to computer games "Let's Play"; are a contrast to the nostalgic "Memories", "Stick Around", "Growing Up" and the emotional "Don't Turn Around". He was assisted in the production by Maciej Milewski, who also mixed the album and supervised the project.

For the two singles promoting the album - "Clown" and "Don't Turn Around" - keatsu shot the music videos on 8mm film. For the third single, he created a montage from excerpts from the 1956 musical
"Rock, Rock, Rock!" which, along with the music, creates a whole new story.



[1] Let's Play
[2] Home
[3] Lost
[4] Don't Turn Around (feat. MaJLo)
[5] Cocoon
[6] Clown
[7] Stick Around
[8] Growing Up
[9] Memories

Music and lyrics: keatsu
Production: keatsu, Maciej Milewski
Mix: Maciej Milewski
Mastering: Philip Shaw Bova / Bova Lab in Ottawa, Ontario
Arrangement: keatsu, Emilia Maciak
Clarinet: Emilia Maciak
Drums: Sławek Koryzno
Choir [9]: Chór Teatru Komedii Valldall
Photos: Emilia Przyklęk
Layout: Łukasz Paluch / AnoMalia art studio

Catalog no.: SRR026
Released by Seagull Ross

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